Prestige Gates is the perfect partner for helping you in the process of designing and installing your new gate in Auckland. Our process spans from the initial stages of deciding the best solution for your property, to bringing it all to reality. We dedicate time towards collaborating with builders, electricians, and other professionals, and provide technical drawings for all parties. Our job doesn’t stop at manufacturing, we work together with other professionals to ensure the gate is installed exactly according to our clients requirements.

Contact us to find out more about the wide range of styles and options available for your Gate.

There are many different styles of gates in Auckland that Prestige Doors can manufacture…

Aluminium Gates

There are many advantages to be gained while using Aluminium that lead to it being one of the most popular options in the market. The material  has many properties which are unavailable in other materials such as Steel which are crucial for the New Zealand region. For example, Aluminium has weather resistant and corrosion resistant properties which enforce durability and longevity for the maximised lifecycle of the product, and within the salty climate of New Zealand durability is essential.

This is why Prestige choose to clad all our Gates on welded Aluminium Frames. The versatile range included with this material means the base options are endless, from box frames to plain slats, rectangular, or even diamond. 

Cedar Gate

When deciding on the construction of the door there are many factors to think about. How private do you want the entrance of your home to be? For a fuller design you may be looking towards a Timber Slat or Timber Tongue & Groove option which maximises privacy and reduces the street visibility. For more of a mid-range option you can pair this with various clear or obscure window options within the gate itself.

For more visibility to the street you may look towards a more open frame option, utilising one of many infill options to bring back the traditional cedar look. 

Once the cladding style has been selected the finish choice will complete the aesthetic and bring through the true character of your home. While a traditional natural finish is often favoured through stain or oiling options, paint is another tool that can be used to compliment your home. 



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