Bespoke Gates

Prestige Gates present elegancy, design and low maintenance. As the forefront to your property and often one of the largest design elements to the facade, this is a piece that is worth invsting in to complete the look of your property. Prestige flagship gates are fully powder coated aluminium gates  constructed on Welded Frames with a Lifetime Warranty for longevity. With a bespoke range of different designs from a classic Altec style to the most innovative, unique and personalised laser cut designs, Prestige can do it all. 


Prestige specialise in bringing designs to life that hadn’t existed previously. We have no stock-standard, we like to see exciting designs brought  to our desk that we can create. One of the key advantages to having a Prestige Gate is the ability to match this to your Garage Door to create and integrated look across your property. We have many unpublished concepts that are available through our reps to bring a unique design to your property and help you stand out in your neighbourhood.

First impressions count, as such a large feature on your property a Prestige Gate can also help to increase the investment value of your property while securing onsite posessions. As your gate generally sits on the border of your property, this ensures that any person entering your property must pass a physical barrier, discouraging entrance. In the event of compromised security in a neighbourhood, any property with a security gate is far less likely to be entered in comparison to those without. 



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