Prestige offer various motors and accessories to add on to our garage door.

iBeams Safety Sensor

These are situated at the gate to detect movement while the gate is open. This will prevent the gate from closing on your car or child.

A device that allows homeowners to open the garage door via Bluetooth from an app on their phone.

Prestige AES Intercom

A wireless keypad can be installed outside of your garage to allow entrance for multiple users.

Novahush Garage Door Insulation

An optional addition to garage doors. You can use ply-back, steel-back or fabric-backed insulation depending on what style of garage door you choose




Once the basic automation setup is chosen there are a range of accessories and add-ons which can be used to make your life both safer and easier. For example ibeam sensors are heavily recommended particularly for families with pets and children to ensure that the gate will not close if something is obstructing its path. This is particularly essential if you chose a system that automatically closes your gate a certain period of time after opening. These systems are great for when you are in a rush and may often forget to manually close the gate yourself, the sensor can then ensure there is no danger in having the gate close without being able to check for obstacles.


Many other options for the system itself may depend on the type of property, whether they are better suited to single family homes or multiple residences on one section. Intercom systems enable communication from outside the property to within which offers a great solution to identifying people before entering your property.  Keypads are also useful to give people access to gates with automation, this is even more useful as the code can be changed as required.







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