Prestige offer a range of aluminium garage doors, perfect for the salty air of New Zealand as they cannot rust. The Aluminium finish offers a sleek, modern look, which helps enhance the appearance of a property, which is then finished with dulux powdercoat to offer a large variety of colours. All our aluminium garage doors are fabricated on a welded aluminium frame, offering superior strength to many standard doors available in the market.

While the classic Aluminium door is the most popular of Prestige’s high durability doors, there are a a range of style options that can be utilised to provide some customisation and make this door stand out. The large range of colour options can be used to either blend in with the overall aesthetic of the property, or alternatively can be used as a feature to make a statement. We also offer Windows in both transparent and translucent finishes, depending on the privacy required for the internal space. This allows natural light in to the property while providing security within the overall Aluminium frame. Another significant benefit of our Aluminium doors is how low maintenance they are, particularly in comparison to traditional cedar doors. Thanks to the powdercoat they don’t require repainting or staining in their lifetime.

Many customers enjoy the laser-cut effect, in which you are able to cut an image, pattern, or design into the door. This can either be done panel by panel, or over the entire door, and can be reinforced with plexiglass to provide full protection to the property.

One of the more popular design looks that customers choose through Prestige is to have a matching Aluminium gate to secure their property. The integration of the 2 products with the same style allows for a classic, modern, and coordinated property profile.

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