Nuwall Clad Garage Door

The Nuwall Door is one of Prestige’s signature garage doors. While similar to our standard Aluminium garage door, this uses the popular “Nu-wall” Cladding instead of the regular Aluminium. As Nu-wall is commonly used to clad homes in New Zealand, using this on your garage door provides a fully integrated look to complete your home.

As well as being popular within homeowners with existing Nu-wall cladding, we also find that this style is popular for homeowners who like having a range of finish options similar to coloursteel, but prefer a more durable material.  

One of the advantages to using Nu-wall cladding is that it comes ready-made in a range of different profiles that differ from standard aluminium, but don’t require many other customisation choices. You can simply select a profile style, select a colour from the wide range available, and leave the rest up to us.


There are many benefits to using Nu-wall cladding to finish your garage door. The cladding has been tested and appraised by BRANZ, providing quality assurance which exceeds the code standards. The powder-coating process not only allows for many options of customisation for your property, but requires minimal maintenance and a long-lasting finish. We have found that the colour options are particularly useful for homeowners with existing Nu-wall property cladding, as this can be used to either compliment or contract the rest of the property. The use of Aluminium rather than Steel provides a high level of durability, and by using this high-strength cladding on our high-strength Aluminium frame we can guarantee a door that lasts.

More often than not we find that our Nu-Wall projects are required on a Flushmount garage door to match and integrate with the surrounding exterior cladding material. These projects deliver an amazing effect as it can be very difficult to seek the outline of the garage door, and one of our recent Nu-Wall Flushmount garage doors was featured in a Grand Designs New Zealand episode.



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