The Flushmount door is an increasingly popular style of door in modern architecture. It is often referred to as the invisible door as it can completely blend and integrate into the face of your home. Our flushmount doors are manufactured using welded aluminium frames which are a lighter and better looking alternative than the conventional steel frame. Being lighter, this also allows Prestige to use thicker and larger extrusions for our frames, creating extremely strong and durable doors. These frames have the option of being either natural aluminium or powder coated, which gives you access to a huge variety of colours.


At Prestige we have found that the most common choice of cladding is timber, as this is a popular material that is found in the construction of many New Zealand homes. However, we love to work with Architects, home owners, and builders to explore different options that integrate with your home. A few materials we have used in the past include coloursteel cladding, Nu-Wall Aluminium and laser-cut Aluminium as requested by our customers, but we are always excited at the prospect of a new concept to expand our portfolio.


The key to a successful Flushmount Garage Door lies in the installation, as even being a few millimetres off target can completely change the aesthetic of the garage door. At Prestige, we work with some of the best Garage Door installers in the industry to ensure the highest accuracy for our finished product. Our attention to detail is of paramount importance, and we often work with our installers and clients to create a customised installation solution which provides a fully flush garage door. Our product package is fully inclusive of all the different components required for a Flushmount garage door, including consultations, production, installation, automation and a warranty.



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