Prestige’s entire range can be manufactured as insulated garage doors. Insulation is a key element to ensure your garage space functions as optimally as possible. While the garage is used as a storage space for vehicles, tools, and other bits and bobs for many, there is no saying what yourselves or the future occupiers of your property may choose to do with the space. Whether it be a home gym, rumpus room, home office or workshop the opportunities are endless!

ACM-Backed Earthwool Insulation

Novahush Insulation

The first Prestige insulation option is ACM-Backed Earthwool. This premium insulation option has a clean aesthetic finish with White ACM sheeting and includes Earthwool insulation within. The Earthwool insulation is a great option with high thermal and acoustic properties within the recycled glass make-up.

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The second Prestige insulation option is Novahush. This is the more affordable option and is completed with a black felt finish within the Welded Box Frame. While many companies use recycled Novahush which is often re-processed with a fine film over top, the Prestige Novahush comes with a thick black felt finish facing into the garage. 

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One of the key benefits of insulated Garage Doors is temperature transfer resistance. Often in the planning stages of a property the usability of a garage is overlooked due to the assumption that the garage will not be occupied. The absence of insulation therefore leads to a garage often mimicking the temperature of outside creating a significant expense requirement to heat the space.


Another benefit of insulating your garage door includes acoustic noise prevention. This goes both ways – there may be a lot of noise pollution that flows inside from both traffic and passer-bys. On the other hand this could also bring a level of privacy and avoid conflict with neighbours should you choose to use the space for something noisier such as a workshop, home gym or even a den for band practice. 

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