Plexiglass Garage Door

The Plexiglass style is constructed using a sturdy Aluminium frame, and finished using either clear, coloured, or translucent plexiglass to complete the door. This style allows for light to enter through the garage door which could potentially reduce interior lighting and heating costs, while still having the option for privacy with a translucent finish. These doors are very popular in modern housing when garages are used as workshops or rumpus rooms.


While we mostly provide garage doors for residential properties, Prestige have found that this style of door is very adaptable to other types of property in the place of other building elements. We have used these doors as makeshift walls in wineries, restaurants and in daycares as they provide the look and feel of a glass door but with the flexibility of opening upwards rather than to the side.

Another popular concept using this style of door is to pair this with the laser-cut panels, to create a unique look for a modern home, while still having the privacy of a second layer to fully seal off the house.

One of the advantages of using Plexiglass over regular glass is that It is a relatively lightweight material, but still allows for a high level of strength and durability due to its acrylic properties.

It also has UV resistance, so will protect anything inside the garage which is particularly useful if the interior of the garage is used for storage or as a partial living space so that personal items are not degraded.



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