Our Cedar garage doors are a timeless addition to any property, bringing character to a home and complimenting the aesthetic. Prestige Doors offer a wide range of standard timber design options, but can also work with you to achieve a custom design fit for your property. Many customers prefer a natural finish to this garage door, but we also have a number of colour options available through either staining or painting.

One of the advantages of buying a cedar door is that they are all handcrafted in our factory so can be made to fit your property as desired. This could include adding on boards and features to create a different aesthetic or different types of windows. While we have a set range of profiles that we prefer to use we are also open to sourcing new profiles if this is required by you. Due to the natural properties of timber we however do not deal with thin boards as we want the premium product for our clients including a Lifetime Warranty on our Welded Box Frames.



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