Cedar TG&V is a popular style of timber door created using either vertical or horizontal cedar panels. The base style is one of the most traditional doors in the market but there are many customisation options available should you want to make it your own.  These doors are delivered in Raw Cedar and are often oiled, stained, or painted to create the finish required. Due to the natural properties of cedar these doors need to be maintained to retain their original look. 


Some customisation options that are often utilised are custom Borders and Battens to create different visual appeals, and the use of windows. The windows also allow for a degree of light to enter into your garage which can be useful depending on the final utilisation of the room. 

Different cedar profiles can also be utilised to create different effects with other features on the property. Depending on the stage of construction it is also possible to create an “invisible door” effect by blending into the exterior cladding of the wall. 

Another recent trends is to create a “Barn Style” garage door with various fittings to create this unique look. In the past we have had clients come to us with fixtures provided or alternatively we can source them as well.

Finally, Woodgrain doors made from Aluminium or Composite material have been increasing in popularity. While cedar doors have a great traditional look, their natural properties mean that they do have maintenance requirements throughout their life cycle. While all cedar doors require upkeep, in particular darker doors and those facing the sun are prone to absorbing the heat and require more frequent re-painting or staining. Due to this many homeowners now chose to go with the same Woodgrain look in either a composite material or Aluminium as they do not require aesthetic maintenance to sustain their look.



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