Aluminium Gates

Prestige Gates present elegancy, design and low maintenance. Prestige flagship gates are fully powder coated aluminium gates with an extensive bespoke range of different designs. From the well-known louvre style to the most innovative, unique and personalised laser cut designs, which allow our clients to have a 100% customised design gates, Prestige can do it all.


There are many advantages to be gained while using Aluminium that lead to it being one of the most popular options in the market. The material  has many properties which are unavailable in other materials such as Steel which are crucial for the New Zealand region. For example, Aluminium has weather resistant and corrosion resistant properties which enforce durability and longevity for the maximised lifecycle of the product, and within the salty climate of New Zealand durability is essential.

This is why Prestige choose to clad all our Gates on welded Aluminium Frames. The versatile range included with this material means the base options are endless, from box frames to plain slats, rectangular, or even diamond. 

The cladding and infill options are the next step, which again boast an endless range from contemporary looks to more of a traditional aesthetic.

Prestige would be happy to help work with you to create a custom design for your property.



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