Timber Gates

Timber gates can be the perfect feature to give a classic and timeless entrance to your home. The options are limitless with custom design options all available in a range of natural or contrasting finishes.


When deciding on the construction of the door there are many factors to think about. How private do you want the entrance of your home to be? For a fuller design you may be looking towards a Timber Slat or Timber Tongue & Groove option which maximises privacy and reduces the street visibility. For more of a mid-range option you can pair this with various clear or obscure window options within the gate itself.

For more visibility to the street you may look towards a more open frame option, utilising one of many infill options to bring back the traditional cedar look. 

Once the cladding style has been selected the finish choice will complete the aesthetic and bring through the true character of your home. While a traditional natural finish is often favoured through stain or oiling options, paint is another tool that can be used to compliment your home. 

While timber on its own is a great option to bring character to a home, there is also the option of faux timber available to replicate this look. Using composite materials is often differentiable from natural timber finish, and removes the requirement for constant staining or painting that is often associated with natural timber. There are a range of composite materials available in the market with different properties, some even made from fully recycled materials for an environmentally friendly option.



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