While this timber flushmount garage door is in a high traffic area and is driven past many times a day it is often overlooked as a garage door due to the extreme accuracy and precision used in creating the door. From any angle it is almost impossible to recognise that there is a door within the face of the building. While this is a great feat from an Architectural point of view this also delivers a high level of security to the home as passerbys would not recognise the potential for access from the road.

This garage door was constructed using vertical timber panels on a base which was installed to become fully flush with the surrounds. It it essential when designing a flushmount garage door to ensure the levels are calculated to the exact degree and installing it as per the specifications. The strain & batch of timber has also been matched so darker panels of timber flush through as do lighter ones.

For this project we opted for a sectional garage door rather than a tilt garage door. There are many advantages to selecting this setup style. Many clients assume a tilt garage door is less flush due to the lines in the panels however as shown this is not the case. A sectional garage door also offer a higher level of safety due to the many pivot points offered on each panel as opposed to just one panel given for a tilt door. 



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